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Digital Merchandising

Well-managed and accountable photo and video service with integration to all third-party sites. We pride ourselves on knowing the ins and outs of this industry so that we can be your only goal to solve digital merchandising needs

Why? - Because taking GREAT pictures and video is a lot harder than anyone wants to admit.

How? - Forward-thinking technology platform provided by LESA and managed with a dedicated staff.

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A digital introduction page that allows all your dealerships bells and whistles to be presented in a quick, easy, and manageable presentation.

Why? - Easy accountability and monitoring of each lead response.

How? - Quick BDC response, virtual introduction for scheduling sales.

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Actual Build Data

 A proven tool to make the dealership look like the end-all and know all on all used inventory.

Why? - 52 car brands at your fingertips defend high gross.

How? - Dealership to educate themselves and clientele and streamline the booking process for a more accurate estimate and to find the value of the vehicle.

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Facebook Marketing

Multi-level tools that allows vehicle inventory integration on retargeting, conquest, inbound, and Geo targeting. Using created audience and Polk data to target audience markets within dealerships' requested area. 

Why? - Be where the people are whether we agree that social media helps sell cars or not it is where the people are. The digital feeding trough for the herd.

How? - Reputation management and inventory display has never been easier if done right. With both Moto minor and local DiGi Facebook marketing prop programs you can get in front of all levels of the buying funnel. Optimizing these buying tools can help you feed the masses digitally.

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Premium Marketing Pages

 In-depth SEO research pages built out and maintained to show dealership incentives, inventory, and Current OEM products best used in conjunction with SEM which directly affects buying power.

Why? - A large percentage of new vehicle leads come from manufacturer websites. This allows the dealership to compete with national SEO campaigns and capture leads that would otherwise go to competition.

How? - Provide the best research pages to your customers in a format that mirrors the manufactures descriptions but it is not cookie cutter.

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