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Engage your customers with video.

Greet Your Customers Digitally

With 90% of shoppers starting their buying experience online, how can you effectively greet them at that digital point in the sales funnel? The LESA Dealer Video Suite app (DVS) is a convenient, all-in-one, tool for creating and distributing customer follow up and promotional videos.

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Types of Video
  • Walk-Around: Follow up on customer leads with personalized videos that allow you to introduce yourself, answer questions, and make a clear call to action that will bring the customer to you.

  • Thank You: A relationship-building tool for creating long-term customers. Plant the idea of repeat business.

  • Testimonial: Add legitimacy to You and your Product. Influence others to trust you with their next car purchase.

  • Promotional: Advertising your business and creating brand awareness.

Personalize Interactions Through Video

DVS has been specifically designed as a sales tool. That is why, in addition to creating videos, DVS has CRM integration and provides notifications when the recipient views your videos. Cultivate interest faster and build better long-term relationships with DVS.

Quality Training Program

Getting members of your sales team to use a product that is outside their normal routine can be very difficult. We realize that many are apprehensive about creating videos or even being in a video. That is why DVS comes bundled with a training program that will get you up and running fast. You’ll get expert advice on how to create compelling videos that integrate into your unique sales style.

Harness the power of video to interact with your customers on a whole new level!
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