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What is DVS for BDC?

DVS for BDC was designed to enable in-person lead follow-up right from a desktop computer. With DVS for BDC, your BDC team can follow up with custom videos and specific calls to action.

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Why use DVS for BDC?

Standard video editing apps require you to share your videos on a platform like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. DVS for BDC stores your videos on private servers so that your videos are only shared with your customers on a custom landing page with your branding and calls to action. This eliminates any other distractions and allows the user to direct the customer on what action to take next.

Depending on the services your company offers, this technology can also be used by your team to follow up with other clients. DVS for BDC allows you to reach out to any potential customer virtually and catch them at a time that is convenient for them.

Online Training Course

A tool is only as good as the person using it. LESA has teamed up with Core Auto Training to provide everything you need to know to use DVS for BDC effectively. Get tips from the pros along with other industry training to help your team succeed.

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