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Everyone, including your Great Aunt Bertha, is on Facebook. So you most likely already utilize Facebook Ads.


But are your ads connecting with the right consumers, at the right time, with the right vehicle? 

If you answered NO to any or all of those items, let us help you get your Facebook marketing targeted on the right people with the right inventory. Your statistics shouldn’t just be getting views, they should be producing higher conversions and better ROI. Our Facebook Marketing campaign is second to none. 


  • Dynamic Ads - Unlike static ads that simply link back to your website’s home page, dynamic ads link back to VIN specific VDPs.

  • Active Inventory - Your inventory is updated daily to Facebook, enabling you to advertise your active inventory to the right buyers at the right time.

  • A Better Audience - Advertise to a larger pool of HIGHLY-QUALIFIED BUYERS, and get better leads.

  • Unmatched Dealer Reporting - VIN level reporting on vehicles according to their status (current, pending, or moved). Get valuable insight that will actually help you sell more cars.

Quote: 80% of people say they typically switch between online search and video when researching products to buy.

What makes our Facebook marketing different?


First, we not only retarget shoppers who have looked at your VDPs, we additionally target IN-MARKET new and used vehicle shoppers. This ensures that Facebook advertising dollars are going to see a better ROI.


In addition to who is targeted, we use LESA Real Inventory Videos to take your ads to the next level and increase customer engagement. When a consumer clicks on the ad, the video for that vehicle opens directly on your VDP. Think of us as a lighthouse guiding potential customers across the vast online ocean of search results and directly to your website.

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