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Want to get more out of your LESA Software?

Most LESA users access just a fraction of LESA’s features. While simply “getting by” can work temporarily, missing out on LESA’s features will cost your dealership dollars and time in the long run. 

And that’s unacceptable. 

So what’s the answer? Fast Company has partnered with LESA to create a specialized online training program called LESA-U. We understand that finding time to train your team is a challenge. That is why we have focused on an efficient and time-effective training program offered virtually on your schedule. 

How LESA-U will help you.

Your employee(s) will acquire the following skills and more.

  • Master  LESA's Dealer Video Inventory (DVI) app 

  • Capture effective sales videos and photographs of your inventory vehicle

  • Convert Quickly learn key concepts via voiceover for quality photos and videos

  • Become adept at reviewing and revising completed projects

  • Acquire fundamental communication skills

  • Perfect problem-solving skills 


..and we are always working on adding new content!


Course Length and Summary

  • Beginner Technician (inventory video/photos): 6-8 hours - This course is for dealerships who shoot their own videos/photos using the LESA DVI app.

  • Beginner Communication: 2 hours  - This course focuses on the why, when, what, and how of good communication with your technical support team and your managers.

  • DVS: 2 hours (per video type) - This course will teach your sales team how to follow up on leads and build better customer relationships with personalized videos. 

What will this cost

Standard Subscription - $99/month


DIY One-time-purchase - $200/60 days/person


DIY Subscription - $49/month/person

Let's take your training to the next level!
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