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Premium Marketing Pages

Google’s Customer

Let’s talk about Google for a minute. Hold on, why are we talking about Google when we should be discussing Premium Marketing Pages? Well, Google considers the people using their search engine as their customers. Not yours. They get the majority of their income from ads, but only if people click on them. So Google is thinking right now, “How are you going to handle my customer? Are you going to give them a quality experience?” If the answer is no, then Google will not promote your page. They do not want their customers angry because they were sent to a page that looks like it came right out of the early 90s.


So how can you make Google happy and therefore get more traffic to your website? You need your pages to be high-quality, because then not only will you dominate the ad game, you will also be first in organic results. And you can have all of this with less overall cost, more customers, and more conversions. 

Well OK then. Make a quality page and done.


Not so fast. Let us explain why Premium Marketing Pages is more than just a pretty landing page. You will find it can be an invaluable tool which, much like a sledgehammer, will crush your competition.

Cartoon sledgehammer
The OEM Vacuum

What is “The OEM Vacuum”? It’s something you are already frustrated with: 35-60% of new leads are coming from the OEM site, and they are bad leads. These leads are also sent to your competitors. How do you regain control and generate your own qualified leads? How do you become the authority on your inventory?


Well, why do people visit the OEM site above yours? We already discussed this a bit, they likely offer a better experience and are therefore easily found on Google. They have high-quality pages with an abundance of information about the vehicles. If you wanted to buy a new Chevrolet, where would you find the most information about the latest model? Likely from the OEM.


You need help delivering a better experience on your site. 

This sounds like a lot of work.

We know you are very busy.

This is a sample of what we can create for you:

Did you know this is co-op approved by Ford and Subaru? 
Why Wait?

Get this exclusive product before your competitors!

Customer support headset

Let’s have a sidebar real quick: The best leads in the world will not work if following up is not a well-oiled machine.

We have a way for you to send engaging quotes designed to bring customers into your dealership. And all of that in under a minute. Learn why this is not your average “quote”.

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