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service dept

Fixed Ops Marketing

Full SEO and menu style service department pages that are integrated for mobile device and e-wallet use. This gives the service department the ammunition it always needed to compete with the non-dealership service department

Why? - The back door to sales and one of the most under advertised yet key component of every dealership.

How? - Capture all service SCO and stop losing valuable customers help with even pulling Geo marking marking feeds to be able to hire competent technicians that you’re fixed ops can bring

Protect with PurTeq

Sanitizing Services

For dealerships, this is the easy peace of mind tool to use on families or anyone that’s health-conscious. It shows that a dealership cares for its customers.

Why? - To ensure that the vehicle used loaner and even knew are disinfected and Environmentally clean and safe for multi-person use.

How? - By a two-step process we are able to coat the interior and exterior of vehicles with a long-lasting effect on disinfection.

Washing the Car


Instead of relying on staffed detailers bringing in a vendor detailer will speed up the process and eventually cost less for the dealership overhead-wise.

Why? - We all know at the majority of dealerships the bottleneck is to get the vehicle front line ready whether it be service or detail. This is a common issue.

How? - The trusted service you’ve always relied on for photos and video now can be the trusted service for your detail department. Stop having the issues of mismanagement or hiring problems. Make Fast Company the best part of your store and have clean cars with photos and videos. Your one-step solution.

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