Vehicle Disinfection Services

Unique two-stage decontamination process - 90-day Protection

We’ve been working in the automotive industry for over 20 years providing quality lot service, now let us help you make your operation safe in this difficult time.

The Benefits


>99% bio-burden reduction of viruses (including COVID-19), spores, bacteria & fungi.


The process uses advanced technology that is deadly to microbes, but harmless for humans.

Peace of Mind

All treated vehicles receive a small cling window sticker with basic product information and the date of the treatment. Give your customers peace of mind in knowing that their vehicle is protected and when the next treatment should be applied.

Service Options

We can set up on-site mobile services at your dealership or provide you with the supplies and training you need to do-it-yourself.


Don’t forget about your building. Ensure the safety of your staff and customers by protecting high traffic areas in your showroom and service areas. Include your employee’s vehicles with our Showroom/Employee special.


Our application process ensures all interior surfaces of your vehicles are decontaminated and protected.


Retail price starting as low as $159/car

Value and Safety

At Fast Company, we strive to provide quality service. So as we began looking for a product to keep our customers safe, we were determined to find a product that not only says it works on COVID-19 but also has the documentation and scientific proof to back it up. We wanted a solution that will not only benefit you now but will provide value to you and your customers as we move forward. We don’t expect you to take our word for it though, at the bottom of this page we are providing information so you can confirm the benefits for yourself.


Let's Keep You Safe


How it Works

When looking for a product for our customers, we wanted to make sure that whatever we used could be scientifically proven to provide protection against COVID-19 along with other infectious microbes. 

Long-Term Surface Protection

PurTeq is an antimicrobial surface care technology that cleans with oxidizing power while simultaneously shielding surfaces with organosilane and photocatalytic coatings that reduce adhesion and build-up for easier cleaning and protects surfaces against the growth of bacteria,

mold, mildew, and infectious diseases including Viruses like COVID-19.


Our two-step process (disinfection and anti-microbial treatment), provides a 90-day ongoing layer of protection against the invisible enemy. We can achieve a greater than 99% bio-burden reduction of viruses, spores, bacteria and fungi hiding in difficult to reach areas.


Many forms of bacteria and viruses that land on any treated surface will be destroyed immediately on impact.

Product Safety

Our products have low toxicity ratings without harmful chemical residuals, which help to keep everyone safe.


The process uses advanced nanotechnology that is deadly to microbes, but harmless for humans.