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Digital Merchandising

Give your customers what they want

Lot Service Options

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Learn if you qualify to be reimbursed for Video SEO.

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Increase your lead open rate and effectively convert more customers.

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Select the background music for your inventory videos.

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Defend the gross with accurate VIN decode data.

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Enroll in the FREE SiriusXM Pre-Owned Program to add value to your pre-owned vehicles.

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Learn how to provide better inventory coverage while lowering the cost.

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75% of auto shoppers say online video has influenced their shopping habits or purchases.

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Videos mean nothing without leads

At the end of the day, it all comes down to leads. Our videos deliver shoppers that are ready to make a purchase. A contact form appears with every video making it simple for shoppers to contact you for more information. This improves click-throughs and gives you better opportunities for conversion.

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Not all video is created equally

Despite the tremendous number of video content out there, most videos are NOT optimized to produce good search results. Our videos are different. The SEO for our videos often rival paid advertising. Get the videos that maximize your organic SEO, increase engagement, and capture more leads.



Real Video vs. Slideshow

Often we hear from dealers that claim to have video. In reality, they have a slideshow that simply displays the photo set. Consumers want to be able to interact with products in a comprehensive way. Unlike a slideshow, our videos create an immersive experience that enables customers to actually tour the vehicle, providing them with what they need to make an informed and satisfied purchase. In fact, we have had reports of customers buying cars after simply watching our videos.

How it Works


Our full-service option provides trained employee(s) to produce quality photos and videos of your on-lot inventory.


We promote good communication between our employees and your staff to facilitate quick service.


We are trained to ask the right questions to help you sell your inventory faster.


We will also provide you with an inventory status update so that you will be aware of our employee’s progress.


We have a dedicated support staff ready to resolve issues and to keep your sales process running smoothly. 


We will provide specialized in-person and online training to help your employee(s) to successfully and efficiently take care of your lot service.


We also provide inventory status reports to help you keep track of your progress and know which vehicles are a higher priority.


Let us give your team the tools they need to become quality photographers, videographers, problem-solvers, and communicators.

From our videographers to our office staff, our team works hard to compliment your team. We realize that our word is only as good as the results that our team is able to deliver. For this reason, we endeavor to give our staff the training and support they need to successfully provide quality service to you. To accomplish this, we have created our own online training program, called Core Auto Training. (Note: This training program is also available to our DIY customers.)

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Start on the road to video.
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