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We are a digital marketing company that specializes in automotive industry solutions. We believe a car dealership should be able to focus on selling cars. It's our goal to bring quality services and customer support that will enable dealerships to better accomplish their goals. Providing the best possible customer service has always been and will always be our number one priority, our core value.

Our Core Values

At Fast Company, we provide a friends and family environment that is both a fun and rewarding place to work. We believe in balancing both work and life. Our goal is to provide a way for you to pursue your passions and aim to help you achieve your goals. So, it's not all work and no play. However, when we work, we work hard. So, what can you expect?

 1. Be Committed - Were not trying to be workaholics, but when we are on the job we give it 100%.  We need to be committed to the task at hand. Push through the elements and deliver top-notch service to our clients.

2. Smile and Have Fun - Yes work is serious, but we don't take ourselves too seriously. A good attitude is contagious and we surround ourselves with positive vibes and people. 

3. Be Honest - This means being truthful when things go wrong. It includes having the integrity to do the right thing even when that is not the easy thing. Honesty involves being trustworthy, loyal, fair, and sincere. 


4. Look to Serve - We believe we are all in this together. We want to serve our clients with amazing results and go above and beyond their expectations. 

5. Be The Best - We want to be the best, the best teammates, the best communicators, and the best in our industry. When we do that, we make money (Our goal for working right?) But more importantly, we have the satisfaction knowing we bring it every day giving our all!

The Fast Company Story

Robert Fast founded Diamondlot back in 2000. That simple Lot Service company laid the foundation for what we are known as today: Fast Company. In 2013 Robert Fast partnered with Josh Ricketts and that’s all she wrote... Bob and Josh put their heads together. They hand-picked an outstanding office crew and team members whom they trusted. Then they listened and grew. 

Meet The Team


Josh Ricketts


My goal is to be a good coach for both our staff and dealers. 

With the never-ending stream of opportunities and difficulties that our businesses face, I find joy in helping make sense of what we CAN DO. 

I take great pride that we as a company try and find solutions to solve many of our dealership issues, big or small. 

Trevor Fratini (edited).jpg

Trevor Fratini

HR & Operations Manager

I work remotely for Fast Company, based in Greenville, SC. My responsibilities cover HR and Operations Management. My main objective is to address and meet the needs of the entire Fast Company Team.


Kim Ricketts

Accounts & Payroll

 I am the Account Specialist & Payroll Manager, enjoy reconciling numbers, and working with this great team. I have done payroll and in-house accounting for over 40 years. Love working with fellow accounting departments in collaboration to keep things straight.

Kari Magee (edited).jpg

Kari Magee

Production & HR Assistant

Livin' the dream here at Fast Company since September 2017! Another day in paradise here at the office includes HR/Payroll assistant, production manager assistant, emotional support therapist (not certified), and Executive Event Planner. When I am not at the office I’m wishing I'm at the beach soaking up some vitamin sea! 

Chelsey Headshot.png

Chelsey Donovan

Office Administrator

My role as office administrator here at Fast Company is a fun mix of being in the field helping as a tech and getting to do a little bit of everything in the office to help out where there is a need. From marketing to running reports to help keep us all on track, I enjoy helping wherever I can.

Madaynn Option 2

Madalynn Pearce

LMS & IT Manager

I am the resident computer nerd. My job ranges from tinkering with our various websites to organizing our next project by creating myriads of lists (did I mention I like lists?) The bottom line is I get to work on research and development all day, yay!

Luis Torres (edited).jpg

Luis Torres

Field Specialist

Consider me the enthusiastic water boy for this All-Star Team. I provide high-quality H20 by training technicians to better manage their dealership's inventory. I assist with invoicing and other office projects and do sales calls in my market area. I'm ready to support any task the team needs to drive into the end zone! 

Caresse Option 2

Caresse Beutel

Technical Content Creator

I currently assist with content creation and video editing. I like to help wherever I can though. Doing so keeps work fun and interesting. 

Alex Headshot

Alexandra Stern

Sales Representative

I am the sales representative for Fast Company. I’ve worked in sales for most of my career and love seeing how our products benefit your business! From cold calls, to traveling, to meetings I enjoy working sales and working for FastCo and the amazing team we have! 

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