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Pre-Owned Program

Month Trial

For all vehicles that are factory-equipped with satellite radio


Enroll in the SiriusXM Pre-Owned Program

Add value to your pre-owned vehicles with a FREE 3-month All Access trial subscription to SiriusXM. There is no cost to your dealership to participate, and your customers will appreciate the extra value you have added to their purchase. Enroll today!

Dealer Benefits
  • FREE 3-Month All Access trial subscription ($80 value).

  • All vehicles factory-equipped with satellite radio are eligible, regardless of manufacturer.

  • No cost to you or your customers.

  • No credit card required.

  • No refresh activities required by the dealer.

  • Pre-activating the radio does not impact the customer's 3-month trial.

Information You Will Need to Sign Up:

  • Your DMS Provider (Note: Depending on your provider, DMS authorization may be required)

  • Your dealership ID (if applicable)

  • Complete the authorization form for your dealership

How It Works
  • Enroll online at or call 1-844-832-8643.

  • Once your dealership is confirmed active in the Program, your service provider will begin pre-activating SiriusXM on every satellite-equipped pre-owned vehicle.

  • The customer's 3-month All Access trial subscription begins after SiriusXM receives the vehicle sold record from the dealerships.

SiriusXM Form
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