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Fixed Ops - The Key to Generating More Revenue At Your Dealership

Imagine how you would feel if your dealership’s fixed operations were generating significantly more revenue 6-months from now. Would you say, “That’s not possible, we’re operating at full capacity already!” Perhaps your problem is not having enough service techs, or perhaps you are just not getting noticed by potential customers. What if there was a way to improve this?

If you’re not content with the current sales of your fixed operations, this series will help by giving you some simple suggestions to help you increase your fixed ops revenue. This series will highlight the psychology and tools needed to increase revenue for your fixed operations.

It’s no secret that having the right knowledge and tools for a job makes the job easier and produces better results. Our goal with this series is to provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to boost your fixed operations. We will discuss the strategies needed to connect you with your customers and to run your operations more efficiently. We will also talk about the best tools for the job.

Story Time! (I promise I’ll keep it brief)

2006 Toyota Tundra
My 2006 Toyota Tundra Just Before I Sold It

I had finally finished paying off my pre-owned 2006 Toyota Tundra at the beginning of 2020. They say the average vehicle on the road is 11 years old, so my truck was in good company. Despite having 196,000 miles on the odometer, my truck was solid and in good working order.

The thought of selling it and getting something newer did cross my mind for a brief moment. But then came all the questions that, I imagine, cross the minds of many in my position. Do I really want a monthly car payment again? What about newer features? I had already replaced the old stereo with a new one that had Apple Carplay and a backup camera (both of which I consider necessities), so there really weren’t any new features that made me feel a need to upgrade my truck.

A couple of months later COVID-19 hit and all hell seemed to break loose. Keeping my truck now seemed like the only logical thing to do. How many car owners do you think came to the same conclusion last year? The interesting part of this story is the perspective it gave me on dealer fixed operations. My situation presented me with questions that, I imagine, come up in the minds of many car owners.

Question #1

Where should I take my car for maintenance?” My friends tell me that I’m paying too much if I take it to a dealership. How do I know if that’s true or not?

Question #2

I bought my truck in Helena, MT, but then moved to Reno, NV a few years later. I then moved again in 2020 from Reno to Carson City. Every time I move, I’m faced with the same question, “In my new location, which shop can I trust with my vehicle?” “And Google says …

Question #3

Who should I buy my next set of tires from?” It may seem like a no-brainer to buy from a tire shop, but is there any benefit to buying them at the dealership? If you are a dealership, you should absolutely be interested in this question.

Back to My Story

So I had decided to keep my truck. But as with the rest of 2020, my plans changed. In October, I was talking with my mom on the phone when she mentioned that my stepfather was needing a new work truck. When I say “new,” I mean pre-owned but newer than what he was currently driving. I told her that I would be willing to sell him my truck if he was interested. He asked for details and pictures, and then very quickly said “Yes, I’ll buy it!”

Question #4

This brought up a new question, “Who should I buy my next vehicle from?” This last question may not seem to correspond with the previous ones, but as we will discuss later in this series, it absolutely is related.

Why Fixed Ops Digital?*

This series was actually inspired by a video presentation released by Fixed Ops Digital on YouTube in 2020 called “The Revolution.” It was interesting because this video resonated with me not only as someone whose goal it is to help the dealerships we work with to be more profitable but also as a customer of those dealerships.

So here are my questions to you:

  • Are your fixed operations already running at peak efficiency?

  • Have you already found a way to educate potential customers about your service department?

  • Are your fixed operations building trust and customer loyalty?

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*If you happen to contact Fixed Ops Digital, please tell them that the “super-amazing Fast Company” sent you.


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